About us

Driven by a shared love for cycling, our journey began with Daniel, who after over 15 years managing his uncle's store, dared to step into entrepreneurship. Fuelled by ambition, he joined forces with Alvaro, a cycling enthusiast and dedicated customer, and his brother Carlos, armed with technological finesse. Our diverse backgrounds, spanning retail, industry, and technology, converged around a singular passion for cycling. With united determination, we crafted a vision where our distinct skills harmonized to create an unparalleled customer experience. And so, from the crossroads of our individual paths, we founded a cycling company that would not only serve as a haven for enthusiasts but also a testament to the power of shared dreams and unyielding commitment

Elevating Cycling: Connecting innovation, community, and shopping. We aim to be the top e-commerce bicycle retailer with physical hubs. Our focus is on uniting cyclists worldwide through tech-driven experiences, strong local bonds, and outstanding shopping. Redefining customer engagement and industry standards.

We see the bicycle not only as a vehicle to develop a healthy and active lifestyle, but also as a vehicle to explore the world while collecting memorable experiences in community, because the best friendships arise when the bicycle brings us together.

Epic Cycles is a full-service community-oriented bicycle shop. We have four locations in Delray Beach, FL, Denver, CO, Houston, TX and Solana Beach, CA. From small adjustments to full overhauls, we service all bikes and we are happy to help you find your new ride.