We are not just a club, we are a community of passionate cyclists

we come together

To explore the world on two wheels

Whether you're a seasoned rider, a weekend warrior, or just starting out on your cycling journey, you are welcome to our club.


┬░ Exclusive local events (near hubs)
┬░ Local rides
┬░ Network with other riders
┬░ Workshops and clinics

Type of Members

Epic Pro Cyclist

How you qualify
┬░ Purchases superior to $10.000 within a year
┬░ Duration: 4 years from date of last purchase of $10.000. Yearly, minimum purchases $1.000
┬░ Renew: other purchase of $10.000 or more.
48 hour turn-around on service 
Priority access and pre sale on new products
Exclusive offers on products
Free Epic Cycles Kit

Epic Elite Cyclist

How you qualify
┬░ By invitation only
┬░ Duration: 1 years
┬░ Renew: by invitation only
+ Benefits:
┬░ Invitation to our yearly Epic Trip
┬░ Referral benefits
┬░ Special gift for birthday
┬░ Personalized ambassador