Create Your Dream Bike With US

Custom Builds

Crafted for Your Journey: Where Every Ride is a Reflection of You!

Purchasing a bike from Epic Cycles stands out from the typical bike shop experience. We offer fully customizable bikes to match your preferences. Whether it's adjusting the stem length, widening the handlebars, or altering gear ratios, we are here to accommodate your needs. Your bike, tailored precisely to your liking.

Select any bike frame from our collection or request a special order, then pair it with components. Once all the frame and parts are procured, our skilled mechanics will assemble your envisioned bike to perfection and make you part of the process.


What size frame do I need for a bike?

Each manufacturer sizes their bike frames a little differently, so you'll need to check out the size charts for that specific brand to find the appropriate size for you.

What is the value of creating your bike?

With tailored components, every ride becomes a reflection of your style and preferences. The experience is rewarding, offering a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

How do I know what parts will work with my custom bike?

Determining which parts are compatible with your custom bike can be complex. Seeking assistance from a bike shop is advisable.