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Hi my name is Samuel Londono I was borned and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. I came over to the United States when I was 13 years old. I developed a passion for competitive sports at an early age. I played pop warner football as well as High School Football. My Senior Year in HS I also participated in the Soccer Team. After graduating HS I went on to Study Sports Management at Florida State University where I just couldn't manage to graduate.

I dropped out of school, became depressed, gained 75 pounds and worked countless dead-end jobs, until one day I decided to pick up a bicycle and start exercising again. My family has been in the cycling industry since we arrived in this country. Starting with my father Gus, my older brother Dany (current owner of Epic Cycles) and my younger brother Simon (manager at Durango Bikes). Getting into Cycling brought me back to life. I lost 75 pounds, quit smoking cigarettes and I am as healthy as any 35 years old can be.

After my last employer went out of business my brother Dani gave me a shot here at Epic working part time washing Bikes. Shortly after the Pandemic hit and I interacted with so many riders I felt I had finally found my purpose.

Living an Active Lifestyle and knowing all the Benefits first hand associated with it I quickly developed a passion for helping people get active. Helping a fellow Rider find his dream Bike is what I live for (especially Road Bikes).I love to ride Road Bikes. I ride anywhere from 200 to 300 miles a week. I am currently a Cat 3 Crit racer with Several Podiums in Cat 4-5 and look forward to soon becoming Cat 2. I enjoy time with my family early mornings and early nights. I enjoy a cold lite beer at night and hot coffee in the morning. Let me Help you find the Bike that is right for you.

Let me help you find your dream bike

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