BMC Masterpiece

Iconic is never an accident.

Introducing Masterpiece, from BMC.

Driven only by perfection, each module is brought to life by the hands of the world’s leading carbon fiber artisans.

It takes too long to make each one. We can’t make very many. They will be too expensive.

None of these objections seemed worth slowing down to consider.

When you invest in a masterpiece, it’s never about the canvas.

It’s the masterpiece itself.

Iconic and modern.

The results are visually breathtaking. It’s even more breathtaking to ride.

Each Masterpiece is a complete experience. From its first reveal, to your first inquiry.

Like any Masterpiece, it’s carefully curated. This is art that brings you into the tapestry. It’s an investment and an experience like no other.

Teammachine SLR Mpc frame module (frame, fork, seatpost, stem, bar): USD 12000.
Roadmachine Mpc frame module (frame, fork, seatpost, stem, bar): USD 11500.

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